About Us
The CFD Difference

Crossfit Dixie was founded in 2009 by brothers Kyle and Kade Boyer. Initially they just wanted a great place to workout without all the frills and hoped to have enough members that would help keep the lights on. The idea clicked and word began to spread. Before they knew it they had to move to a bigger location, then another, another, and another.

After more than 10 years, CFD is now a staple of the St. George community and that is the reason why. Community is what we are all about. You make this gym great, you make the experience here great, and we are grateful for the amazing people like you that come through our doors.

We do constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity in order to increase work capacity over broad time and modal domains. That’s a fancy way of saying we’ve found Crossfit to be the most versatile way of improving people’s fitness in a fast and effective manner. Our coaches know these movements inside and out and they especially know the best ways to help you build your fitness.


We thrive on knowing the people who work out with us. Every class starts out with a quick introduction of any new faces so you can instantly feel apart of the Crossfit Dixie community.



We believe that for every new member it is important to have a solid foundation and structure for starting out in Crossfit, whether you have done Crossfit previously or this is your first time. For all members new to CrossFit, we recommend you follow our our CrossFit Sweat Program.  Following Crossfit Sweat is a great way to learn the fundamental movements of CrossFit for new members. This program runs daily during all regular classes, both workouts look very similar, Sweat is just a scaled back version of daily WOD.

Injury prevention and recovery

We believe in listening to your body and understanding the fundamentals. That is why at every class our coaches will go over the fundamentals of the movements of the day as well as ask each class if any one is dealing with injuries, pain, or range of motion inhibitors. We want each member to understand that no matter what they are dealing with we can help them get a safe and effective workout.

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